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Photo Shootings


We grant our customers high professional standards, offering TWO DIVERSIFIED PACKAGES according to the requested service.
We are present in two different studios located in the central areas of Milan.
In both our studios, equipped with air conditioning, you will get:

Absolute Privacy granted: Photographers only are allowed at the shooting
USB pendrive included with all the shots of the session
Possibility to get a Professional Make-Up Artist
Professional Digital Image Processing (5 euro per photo)
ragazza su sedia con gamba alzata in studio 1


Studio located nearby the Central Station.
Medium flat with basic instrumentation, some simple furniture necessary for developing Photo Books for individual clients.
Suitable expecially for those who want to appear in photos individually.
The Basic Package meets the needs of costumers overlooking to photo books for the first time.
For most costumers who want to show off their person, a reflective background is enough to get the required result, with the help of professional tips to diversify the poses.

Cost: 150 euro


Wide Studio near Piazza Sant’Agostino.
There are many props: a large double bad, sofas, mirrors, drapes, sophisticated instrumentation.
Size and furnishings allow you to be inspired by you imagination: ample availability to meet client customizations.
Especially suitable for couples or more people for group scenes.
Demanding individual costumers looking for quality will find anything they need for a high-performance service.
An Advanced Package for those who require a richer scenography and diversification

Cost: 250 euro

gaia su letto in studio grande con attrezzatura professionale


Glamour Photography glimpses sensuality where you would never have imagined it
We will transform you, giving you back the full possession of your body
An invisible Photoshop will effect the bringing out of your very shape

chiara fotografia di schiena non ritoccata
chiara fotografia di schiena non ritoccata
chiara fotografia di schiena ritoccata
chiara fotografia di schiena non ritoccatachiara fotografia di schiena ritoccata
chiara sdraiata non ritoccata
chiara sdraiata ritoccata con mano dietro la testa
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